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201 - 625 Front Street
Nelson, BC, V1L 4B6, Canada
+1-877-373-6121 (work)


An experienced professional with more than 24 years of experience in the Internet Service industry.

I am well versed in a broad range of Linux, Windows, and Apple systems, open source applications, and IP networks. I take security seriously, and can implement security measures at all levels, including the network perimeter, host, and application level. I am a team player, strong leader, innovative and resourceful, with a common sense approach to problem solving.

I am looking for a challenging position that best suits my range of talents and interests.

Professional Experience

Secure by Design, Nelson, BC
2008 - Present

In December 2008, I purchased the customer base and server assets of my former employer, Net Idea, and launched Secure by Design. The new company continues to be a regional ISP with a focus on security awareness and customer service.

Major Projects:

Data Center Migration
In 2010, I migrated Net Idea's East Coast Datacenter back to BC. This move took advantage of Cloud computing facilities and outsourcing. The migration included the consolidation of 12 virtual servers into 4, as well as moving 3000 email accounts and 250 web sites.

System Administrator / Programmer
Net Idea, Nelson, BC
2000 - 2008

Responsible for procuring, deploying, and maintaining a network of more than 20 Linux servers and OpenBSD systems in 2 data centers for a regional ISP. I've worked with ethernet, dial-up, ADSL, and municipal wireless networks. Involved in programming a number of web applications, including the company's billing and provisioning system, and numerous web sites for clients.

Major Projects:

Eastern Data Center Deployment
In 2006, we launched a branch office in Eastern Canada, 5,000 km from our head office. This data center was designed for complete remote administration and high reliability. It used heartbeat clusters for NFS, Email, and Web services. The Xen virtualization platform was used to minimize hardware costs, and CFengine was used to automate the configuration of machines from a Subversion repository.
Active/Active NFS & IMAP Cluster
Deployed an innovative Active/Active NFS & IMAP cluster using Debian Linux, Xen, heartbeat (Linux-HA), LVM, and dovecot. Hardware consisted of twin AMD64 servers connected to a shared external SCSI RAID.
OpenBSD BGP Routers & Firewalls
Deployed a dual router setup using OpenBGP, pf and carp.
Web Based Billing System
Net Idea's internal billing system was developed as a PHP web application using a SQL database. Additional Perl programs were used for batch processing of invoices, overdue reminders, online payments, and automated provisioning.

Technical Support
Net Idea, Nelson, BC
August 1996 - 2000

I was originally hired for technical support / customer service position. This position honed my communication and trouble shooting skills, and helped me discover that I am a patient listener with good visualization skills and the ability to explain technical problems to the computer illiterate in a friendly manner.

Technical Expertise

Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, RHES), OpenBSD, Heartbeat, CFengine, Xen, Windows, MacOS)
Object Oriented Design, Version Control (SVN, CVS), Unit Testing, PHP, Perl, Shell, SQL, HTML, CSS, C, Make, M4
TCP/IP, BGP, Firewalls (PF, IPTables), Ethernet, WiFi, SSH, SSL, HTTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, NFS, FTP
Dell desktops and servers, AMD64 and Intel x86 Servers, RAID, Cisco Switches and Routers, HP Printers, Proxim Access Points

Education & Affiliations

November 2002 - November 2006 ( Expired )
Computer Information Systems
Selkirk College
September 1993 - June 1995